The Pillow Blog: III

I went to a Japanese bakery today and found the experience to be very... deceptive.

You see, when you walk into a Japanese rice cracker shop, you see rice crackers. That's what they are. But, when you walk into a Japanese bakery, you see Western breads and buns, but that's not what they are at all! I walked down the aisle seeing all this bacon bread and pizza bread, thinking, fair enough, there's that in France too, and then I see this beautiful, soft, golden bun, looking delicious, and I decipher the Japanese tag enough to read -"fish bread"? What? No. No! Fish doesn't go in there!

My goal, anyway, was to have melon pan, something that piqued my curiosity back when I gave Yakitate Japan a try (I dropped it because the Japanese was just too difficult to me, but the manga itself is hilarious). It's a regular bun, with a greenish layer of frosting on the top (it looks like frosting, at least, but it's not too sweet), and filled with a very light melon-flavoured cream. I do believe there are variations of the formula, but that's the one I had. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but it was delicious!

There was also one regular baguette in the store. It was labeled as "Our retro baguette: 1924."


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